Arlene Ramona’s long-standing relationship within the music industry has been built for over two decades.  Growing up in Queens, NY alongside industry greats such as KoolGRap, Chyskillz, LL Cool J, MC Shan and her brother Ronnie Gee only served to further her knowledge of the entertainment industry.  Coupled with past experience and current insight on the industry standards of today,  her knack for this business of music has her being sought after by top producers, labels, artists, Dj’s, fashion designers and entertainment entrepreneurs. Her passion for working within the industry through managing, marketing and public relations has given her a strong track record and a steady presence. In 2015 she founded found MoLuv-MIC, LLC to serve as a one-stop shop of business and entertainment services for industry professionals.  Her versatility ranges from blogger and creator of, and themegaenterprise.wordpress.  Past actress on the reality pilot Business & Pleasure of NY and fashion consultant for The Dani Collection clothing line by Danielle Spencer, has further enhanced her first-hand experience within the entertainment industry.  Currently the co-host of DJ Femmie Hip Hop, House and RnB on Blog Talk Radio Arlene Ramona is steadily evolving within the entertainment industry and has managed to develop into a brand of her own.  #nycgirl

Artists and Entrepreneurs interested in being a guest on the DJ Femmie Hip Hop, House and RnB on BlogTalkRadio should email ArleneRamona at MoLuvmng@gmail.  Artists please be prepared to submit a bio, three mp3 tracks and have three supporters call into the show during your appearance.  Entrepreneurs please be prepared to submit a bio, product/service information, website and three items or services from your product line to serve as promotional material during your appearance or soon thereafter.

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Love and relationships are never easy, but how much more difficult is it to date a celebrity?  

If you never worked in the entertainment industry get a glimpse of what it's like when "Dating in the Industry." 

ArleneRamona established MoLuv-MIC, LLC due to witnessing the rapid changes in the industry.  Her passion for working with artists inspired her to create a business that would serve as a one stop shop of business services for artists who sought help with their careers in a highly competitive industry.  

Full range services that would benefit the artist that is unaware of the steps necessary to properly distribute their music and make money from it. MoLuv-MIC comprises business, management, marketing/promotions, digital distribution, entertainment networking and a solid social media presence.   All components are met and are utilized to aid the artist in advancing their career.  Your brand is important and will be handled with the highest standards, alongside a well-thought out strategy.

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Working in the entertainment industry is a job.  If you are planning on realizing your dream of being a performer then you need to know that you are an Entrepreneur.  Responsible for getting the right team in place to take your career to the next level while assuring you remain a consistent presence online.  It takes a passion for what you are doing and a thick skin to keep you going when no one notices you.  Stretch your creativity and think outside the box when developing a loyal fanbase.  Learn everything you can about the music industry, create a brand that appeals to and serves the overall public. 
That is what an Entrepreneur does.


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